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Young Turing Program
Coding Competition Registration Period:  Now - Oct. 5, 2023

Our Vision

Encourage young talents to dream, and make the world a better place through their outstanding logical thinking and innovative abilities.

About Us

The Young Turing Program (YTP), named after Alan Turing, the father of computer science, is a social good initiative of SYSTEX Corporation. Based in Taiwan, YTP would like to continue to expand our reach to the Asian region to support more young talents in pursuing programming expertise and help bring software’s positive impact to the world.

algorithm competition
The college professors and industry volunteers will keep you company in this learning journey
Cross-cultural communication and team work
The abundant resources and support from Taiwan IT service industry leader

Who can participate?

Participants must be enrolled in a public or private "senior high school" including recent graduates. A team must consist of three students.

How to sign up?

Participants are required to fill out the program application form completely as a team.




Now - Oct.5, 2023

Coding Competition

Sep.23, 2023

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Feb, 2024

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Free visit to Taiwan

July 2024

Activity Highlights

Young Turings,

let’s rock the world!

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